Mellow Mink Brewing, Inc.

To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing this letter as a recommendation of Weidner Construction Services to anyone who is seeking a best-in-class commercial contractor.  In the second half of 2017, we contracted Weidner Construction Services to create design-build plans and obtain building permits for our brewery and taproom.  In 2018, when we were ready to proceed with the project, we contracted Weidner Construction Services to carry out construction and remodeling of our brewery and taproom based upon the plans and permits previously obtained.  I can say that throughout every step in the process every member of Weidner Construction Services went above and beyond to take care of us.  WCS ensured that our project was completed on time with the highest degree of quality and craftsmanship and remained cost-effective and within our budget.  Furthermore, WCS provided us with fast and comprehensive communication at all times.  I feel that this company and all its employees went above and beyond my every expectation.   The experience of working with them was, without question, the easiest, most reassuring, least stressful, and most professional part of the process of opening our business.

I would like to share a few examples that stick with me:

Early in the project, we selected our own architect to coordinate with WCS for the creation of our building plans.  Several weeks into the project, on a Friday afternoon, that architect informed me that he would not be able to complete our plans for several months.  I called Mike Weidner that evening worried about what to do next.  He reassured me that they could find a replacement architect.  By Monday, WCS had a new architect ready to work with us and we were able to stay on schedule without missing a beat.

During our build-out, the project superintendent, Jeremy Hoffman, was a pleasure to work with.  I enjoy being personally involved with my project, and therefore Jeremy would communicate with me daily on project progress and planning.  I believe that his eye for detail prevented numerous potential oversights by subcontractors and resulted in the very best of results.  There were several occasions when I would ask for little changes to details on-site and Jeremy, without fail, would ensure that those changes were carried out quickly and efficiently.

Finally, after our project was complete, we learned that the federal Tax and Trade Bureau required us to put a lock on a door that we did not plan for and, as a result, would require us to change the egress plan with the township.  Our project manager, Dan Ploch, went out of his way to research the relevant building codes, take measurements on site, communicate with township officials, and submit revisions to the building plans to help us meet the TTB’s requirements.  After all of that, Dan even recommended the best type of lock to use for the door.

I highly recommend Weidner Construction Services for anyone considering the opening of a brewery or needing any level of commercial construction or remodeling.  I believe that choosing WCS for our project was one of the single best decisions we made along the road to the opening of our business.


Matthew Miller, President of Mellow Mink Brewing, Inc.



I am writing to recommend the excellent work of Weidner Construction Services. Based on our recent experience with a very successful new construction project completed for MedExpress Urgent Care- Hershey.

This project was completed on time and within budget, with a compressed construction schedule of 110 days. Weidner Construction Services repeatedly demonstrated efficiency, timeliness, thorough documentation and remarkably good management in both the office and onsite.

MedExpress Urgent Care currently has over 200+ locations, across the country. Weidner Construction Services will definitely be included on future bidding procedures for our company.

Importantly, Weidner personnel are always willing to listen to client needs, working cooperatively  to solve potential concerns well before they could otherwise become problems.  We truly enjoy working with Weidner Construction Services. Their commitment and dependability make it easy for us to choose Weidner as our contractor again on future projects.

I am very pleased to offer the highest possible recommendation for Weidner Construction Services, an an excellent general contractor. 

Ryan Rodeheaver 

Cumberland Valley Foot & Ankle

I am writing a letter of thanks to you and your company on behalf of  TJHR, LLC and my practice Cumberland Valley Foot and Ankle Specialists, PC. I had no idea what i was getting myself into over a year ago when we first met. The journey has been  an eye opener into all things related to real estate, architecture, local politics, contracts, financial institutions, interior design and construction in all its various stages. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with WCS an all of the crew over the past year. 

I would like to especially thank the Project Manager for taking the time to find ways to reduce some of the costs of the project. I cant say how much of a help it was with a tight budget. It really made me feel like he always had my best interest in mind. He was extremely flexible towards the end of the construction with getting changes made efficiently so that we could make our move in date. Even now that the project is over he is quick to return my calls and answer any questions.

Dr. Susan Rosso

Rick Yazinski DMD Family Dentisry

In 2012, we purchase a Midas Automotive Garage and wanted it transformed into a state of the art dental office. We met with Mike Weidner and discussed our needs and goals for our future office building. After meeting with him, we were very impressed with the knowledge of the construction business and professional insight he had with this major transformation. He was very attentive to our needs as well as our budgetary concerns. He demonstrated his commitment to providing quality products and paid attention to detail during and after construction. In dentistry, as with any other business timing is very important and a determining factor for success.  Even as extensive as our project was, we were able to being business in our new facility on the day it was promised to be completed. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Mike and recommend him to any of our business associates, colleagues and professional friends.

Dr. Rick & Donna Yazinkski


It is my pleasure to provide my insight and experience with working on The Mill Project in Hershey Pennsylvania with Mike Weidner of Weidner Construction.  As the Owner of the project independently selected Mike’s company without consultation, our union was by circumstance.  It is with pleasure that I can say, I’m glad we worked together on this challenging project.

The Owner had gone through various steps with other professionals and contractors only to end up with my firm and Mike’s.  The delay in the process by the Owner led to even greater demand and pressure to deliver the best project, in the shortest time with the least cost.  All items that presented varying degrees of challenges especially when you consider we were dealing with an old structure that was abandoned for some time, and original purpose was a feed/coal/grain hub.

The transformation would not have been possible without the construction team paying attention to the design intent and communicating effectively when obstacles presented themselves.  We spent a lot of time in the field creating and solving problems in real-time always without compromise of the design or budget.  Sure, there were some items that could not be ignored, but even when faced with these moments, Weidner was there to keep things moving so completion times/costs were not overly extended.  I always felt we had a more than good working relationship, one built on real-life experience and professional respect for what each was doing on behalf of the project and moreover the Owner.

So even though our arrangement was by chance, I would not hesitate to work with or recommend working with Weidner Construction on any project. I would only hope we could work together earlier in the design process as a true design-build partner because I know we would deliver a project that would be embraced for its beautiful construction design.

Jim Bogrette, AIA

Principal, Kimmel Bogrette Architecture + Site

Harrisburg Endoscopy & Surgery Center

I have Known Mike Weidner on a personal and professional level for about 10 years. I have worked with Mike and his company on various design and construction projects and have found him to be one of the best in his profession. In my experience with Mike I have always worked with him and his company on a Design-Build basis which has always worked out to be the best possible outcome for the project. It was always an easy process to deal with Mike or his supervisors and not have to handle different area of the project with multiple subcontractors. I cannot say enough about Mike Weidner and his work and I will always look towards Mike as a solid start to any construction/design project I may be involved in

Bill Rhoades, Chief Operating Officer